Time went by, and a new year is coming through. As the same as usual, there are tons of noteworthy memories stagnated in every Enouvers’ mind that make us feel up and down anytime we look back. In the joyful atmosphere to welcome the new year 2020, Enouvo Year End Party took place on December 27th. This was not only the chance for our members to gather after a year of hard work and dedication, but also the time for us to celebrate for the year of the end, review of what we have done throughout the year and what we have achieved professionally, together with so much fun, joy, and laughter…

Enouvo Year End party2019 highlights

This year, we have been experiencing not only achievement but also a lot of challenges. However, we understand that: “Challenges are only solved by rising to a level higher than the challenge. Every challenge is an opportunity to get stronger”. And as a result, we successfully get over it.

When it comes to our highlights, the first thing that should be mentioned is launching the second headquarter located at 16-18 An Nhon 3 street. This is a new workplace that we proudly put into practice last August. With modern design and facilities, Enouvo Space 2 soon become popular and serving widely.

Enouvo Year End party 2019 - Look back

Besides, it would be a deficiency if we’re not looking back on how Enouvo Family has grown our members and products in both quantity and quality. We have launched more products and improve personal skills significantly. Thanks again for all team, thank you for your contribution to making our company bigger.

A day of Enouvo stars

Of course, we can’t help mentioning awesome performances from Enouvo Got Talent at our Year End Party 2019. Our Enouvers have worked so hard during the day to meet year-end deadlines. However, this was not held back our gifted candidates from showing their talent. The Best Performance belonged to “Để mị núa cho mà nghe” team which was properly professional and impressing. Through a wide range of genres from singing, acting, or dancing, they have proven that Developers are not boring and dry personality as what people usually said. Instead of that, they are so humorous, talented and even sweet too. We are so happy to have them in our company.

The Booming Performance of Enouvo Got Talent

On this memorable day, we also send a gift to a random person with beautiful wishes. It’s not only present for the friendship among Enouvers but also a grateful thank for what they have done for one year and move toward a brighter year.

Thank you to all Enouvers who have always worked hard and been enthusiastic about overcoming challenges. In the next year, we hope Enouvo’s members will be better, smarter and closer. Hopefully, with the spirit of “Together we achieve more”, we strongly believe that Enouvo will be more successful in 2020 and, especially, soon go global. Let’s try our best, achieve together, build a perfect workplace, and make the next year being a brilliant year.

Let’s look back to see wonderful moments captured on that special day and relive some highlights from a memorable night filled with fun, laughter, and amazing YEP performances.





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