Top websites to join IT online classes for free

For those who are motivated to self learn and prosper in their life, these are the list of best websites to join IT classes online free to learn about today’s leading technology skills.

These online IT classes incorporate modern methods of online education like highly interactive, practical oriented, and automation based on different users. So they can understand your needs and deliver informative knowledge for free.

#1 Code Academy

For: Beginners, Intermediates and Graduates – Programming
Cost : Basic free & Pro version – $20 a month

IT classes free online - Code academy

Learning is sometimes boring and exhausting, but Code Academy has really created the best formula for learning by adapting fun and interactive elements.

Another major advantage is that they have a wide variety of options available like Java, Python, Ruby, and many more. These include a detailed explanation of their purpose and future opportunities, which helps you to choose the best one for your interest.

Also, they have built practical learning, so after you finish learning a concept you will experiment it inside a game or website in real life. This will give you a sense of accomplishment which helps you to stay motivated.

#2. Google Digital Garage

For: IT, Business Development, Soft Skills
Cost: Free / Pay just for few Certification

Google tech every field - IT classes online free

Usually, most people don’t really know about the free online courses provided by google and partner universities. Technical, Marketing, and Soft Skills being their area of specialization, they provide all these courses for free.

It is also very important for an IT professional to have diverse knowledge in marketing and people skills. So it is a great opportunity to develop ourselves.

Having flexible learning hours and free certifications for few courses it is a great opportunity to used to develop ourselves

#3. Facebook Blueprint

For: Social Media Management and Digital Marketing
Cost: Free but have to pay for Certification

Facebook is one of the most dominant online Advertisement provider for all kinds of businesses. It has become a basic need to understand Facebook and Instagram marketing. It can help you establish your business online successfully.

Unlike Google, Facebook courses are more focused on their own services and social media management. They have over 90 free courses ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour each.

Though their courses are short and don’t have wide varieties, it is still good to learn social media management as an IT student.

#4. Khan Academy

For: SAT, Maths, Programming, Career Skills, Data Science
Cost: Free

One of the reputed non-profit online learning platforms with a mission to provide good quality education for all.

IT is a field where there is a need for maths and data skills. Khan Academy specialized in Maths related courses, they still provide quite some programming and career skill courses.

If you are interested in focusing on Data Science or planning to write an SAT exam, this is the best website to learn those for free online.

#5. Udemy

For: Everyone
Cost: Free and Paid

Udemey - free training courses

If you are looking for great quality courses in all different areas, this is a great website. They cover many types of topics and provide both free and paid courses.

It is a great place if you are trying to explore your interest and learn new things, but with excellent quality.

#6. Edx

For: Everyone
Cost: Free but pay to get a certificate

free tech training

It is one of the most famous platforms to study online for a very long time. You could do a certificate course, a micro degree, or even online masters.

Partnered with many universities from all around the world, you can access them from one place. Though learning the course is free if you want to have a certificate you have to pay for it.

It is a great platform for IT professionals to develop soft skills like effective communication and people management.

#7. Creative Life

For: Creative course for anyone to learn
Cost : Few Free Course / Monthly $25

IT classes online free

Being creative is the need of the hour in IT sectors recently. For making automation, designs, and many other activities you should be able to express your creativity.

So if you are looking for a place to enhance your creativity by learning new skills, this is a great website for you. Art, photography, designing, and more creative activities are taught by professionals in those designated fields.

Though it doesn’t seem to be directly related to your work, it can really help you a lot to make you more creative and expressive.

And their classes provide in-depth information and practice to master a skill. So though they are not free, I think it is still worth the price.

#8. Harvard Online Learning

For: Management, Programming, Soft Skills and More
Cost: Free with Certificate

IT classes online free- Harvard Online Learning

Have you always had the dream of studying in a prestigious university like Harvard but was way out of reach? This is a significant chance to take free courses from this university.

They teach programming, data management, history, and 70 other courses completely for free. Having taught by world-class teachers from Harvard, these classes can’t be more informative and effective.

These are some amazing websites where included both IT classes free online and others. With them, education is free for al. Let’s keep learning to create a better future.





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