Top 10 Web Development Trends 2022 you can’t miss

Bill Gates said that: “If your business isn’t on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” It’s clear that a business with a good website will attract more customers. So how to make your business presence on the internet stand out from others and which trend is the most effective one for your organization?

Let’s take a look at the list of web development trends for 2022 below and tell us which one you like most!

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWA is not new but is still one of the hot web development trends in 2022

Basically, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) provide users with an app-like experience just in their browser. It can be run both offline and online mode.

Though not an emerging web development trend, PWAs in 2022 is surely going to be the most persistent one. In a report, experts showed a lot of PWAs’ benefits:

  • 36% higher conversion rate compared to native apps
  • 50% higher user engagement rate
  • 33% lesser maintenance cost

Some samples of using PWAs: Starbucks, Twitter, Alibaba, AliExpress, Uber, Pinterest, Tinder, etc.

Tech stack to use to create a progressive web app:

  • Angular
  • React
  • Polymer
  • Lit
  • Ionic

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AWP)

The latest trends in web development

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AWP) is one of the hottest hot web development trends in 2022. It comes from the collaboration between Google and Twitter. The loading speed of AWP is about 2 seconds compared to non-AMP pages (22 seconds). This technology enables small businesses to build websites working smoothly on mobile devices. That’s why it deserves to be one of the 2022 web development trends.

Not only help companies to save costs there are plenty of AWP’s benefits:

  • Easy optimization for search engines.
  • Low bounce rates.
  • Adjusts to any browser.
  • No need to create sitemaps to be identified by search engines.

Some user samples who are early adopters: CNBC, The Washington Post

Single-Page Application (SPA)

The website with the SPA style will bring a smooth experience, and make users feel that they are using a mobile app not a website. Actually, coding a SPA website is quite similar to coding a mobile app.

Surely, most of us have experienced Single-Page Applications at least once, because Gmail, Facebook, Trello, Twitter, and Google Maps are programmed under the SPA style.

Popular frameworks for building SPA:

  • AngularJS
  • React
  • Ember

Voice Search Optimization

One of the 2022 web development trends that you can’t ignore is voice search and assistant. The presence of voice control will reduce the time for texting/typing.

If you can include voice search optimation into your SEO & business strategy, then your competitors will be far behind.

Tech stacks to use:

  • Web Speech API
  • SpeechSynthesis
  • SpeechRecognition

Motion UI

One of the latest web development trends matches creative agencies

The first benefit of the Motion UI is eye-catching and more interactive experiences, also the reason why this trend in web technology become so popular. Motion UI is a front-end framework that is used to build fully responsive web designs. It uses custom animation integration and CSS transitions sourced from SASS libraries to build animated elements.

Some amazing benefits that will transform web development.

  • Easy to implement – The developer doesn’t need to be an expert in JavaScript or jQuery library.
  • Makes web design more effective by helping users find the exact information they look for.
  • Enables prototyping of animated elements at a faster pace.

Serverless Architecture

Serverless Architecture is considered a revolution in Cloud Computing. It is the trend in web development that helps programmers to create and support software without worrying about the underlying infrastructure

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are the leading examples of companies using and providing serverless architecture.

Exploring more about the benefit that this technology affects web development:

  • Needs less computing power and human resources.
  • Developers get more time to focus on UX.
  • The IT team doesn’t need to worry about server management.

Tech stacks to use:

  • Amazon’s Serverless Application Model (SAM)
  • Datadog Serverless Monitoring

Dark Mode Standardization

Dark mode - web development trends 2022
 81.9% of respondents accepted the use of dark mode on their devices

As reported in some studies, at least 8 in 10 users prefer to use dark mode whenever they can. It’s can be said that Dark mode is one of the latest web development trends that cares about people’s health. Below are some other benefits of Dark mode UI:

  • Low-light conditions
  • Less “blue light”
  • Less energy consuming
  • Minimization of eye strain and dryness

No-code/ Low-code Development

No-code/low-code development platforms will make software development easier. They are represented as software that allows customers to create solutions. They provide users with design templates and pre-build code blocks for apps and flows that can be modified by programmers. This reduces development time and provides greater scalability, which makes them become one ofthe 2022 web development trends.

Tech stacks to use:

  • Webflow
  • Kissflow
  • Salesforce Lightning
  • Microsoft Power Apps

AI-powered Chatbot

AI-powered Chatbot will assist you in performing faster and timely operations using voice and text chats and improving the customer experience.

Chatbots with AI-powered can collect users’ data, answer frequently asked questions, take orders, and solve other problems without delay, thereby providing users with a seamless and smooth digital experience within the website.

Technology to Use

  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • IBM Watson
  • BotKit
  • Dialogflow
  • Amazon Lex
  • Wit AI

Data Security

As its name, this web technology means protecting your digital data from unwanted data breaches or cyberattacks. That is the reason why data security is one of the web development trends in 2022.

Benefits of Data Security in Web Development

  • Use secure content management systems, plugins, and extensions.
  • Choose secure hosts and servers.
  • Make use of a good firewall application.


Web technology is constantly changing to meet online users’ expectations. Some will focus on user experiences on mobile devices. Some will focus on optimizing UX for smart wearable devices. Staying with the top web development trends above will help your business stand out in the market.

If you have a plan to update your website in 2022, it’s excellent to look through the web development trends in 2022 and choose the most helpful web development company.





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