Together We Support Our Central

At the moment, all hearts and minds are focused on Central Vietnam where 8 provinces stretching from Nghe An to Quang Ngai have struggled with constant typhoon storms and floods for more than 14 days. These monsoon rains have caused the worst flood levels in the past 100 years, pushing people in the provinces from Ha Tinh to Quang Ngãi to barely survive with no food or clean water, damaged houses, crops lost, animals drowned, and extremely dangerous living conditions.

Widespread flooding and landslides in 8 provinces in central Viet Nam have left more than 1.5 million children at risk of disease, poor nutrition, and delayed development. At least 135,000 families have been directly impacted by floodwater levels as high as 2 meters in certain communes, and over half a million people unable to access protected water sources. Family homes are devastated, crops and livelihoods are destroyed, and infrastructure is damaged. In many locations, schools have been damaged and remain closed temporarily. As a result, nearly 1.2 million students are currently out of school, and learning is disrupted.

Especially, only in one day, the central province Quang Nam was hit by 3 fatal landslides, which caused serious damages in mountainous communes (Tra Leng, Tra Van, and Phuoc Son). The landsides in Tra Leng buried a community with several houses occupied by about 53 people. Almost landside victims are ethnic minorities who already had a difficult life. Now, life will be more difficult and more painful when their houses and families were gone.

A village was completely burried by landside in Nam Tra My, Quang Nam

The lives of people in Central provinces will be much more difficult when there are still upcoming arrival storms. The support is not only necessary in the current time but also is very important in the next phase when people rebuild their lives. Therefore, our Central is in desperate need of the contributions of all people.

In order to support and share the difficulties with people in the affected areas, Enouvo starts to launch the program “Together We Support Our Central” to all Enouvers and our friends all over the world. Please send your strength and help them to overcome this challenging time.

You can contribute through:

Cash donation to the bank account of Enouvo Group

  • Account Name: Mrs. Truc Nguyen (Trúc)
  • Contact: 0905624504 - [email protected]
  • Account number: 0061036299045
  • Bank: An Binh Bank - Danang Branch
  • Transfer note: Name/Company - Huongvemientrung

Or you can directly contact with anyone you know in Enouvo Group to get more inforation.

All donations will be used 100% to provide the emergency response necessary for these suffering people as well as contribute to the eventual cleanup and the rebuilding of the houses and infrastructure that has been destroyed.


Quang Binh - Central Vietnam
Flood in Central Vietnam
house in Central Vietnam




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