TGIF knowledge sharing at Enouvo

Enouvo chooses TGIF knowledge sharing as a monthly activity to help developers keeping update with new technologies and learning from each other.

Keep learning, keep developing

Since the world of technology is constantly changing, the language that is frequently used now could be obsolete in a few years. Learning new technologies not only expands one’s mind and career options but can also help developers better understand aspects of languages they previously thought they knew.

Every month, a new programming language is born. Every week, one of your favorite languages gets updated. A new JavaScript framework emerges almost every day. Keeping up to date with programming technologies has never been more necessary. If you truly want to stay relevant as a programmer, you have to keep learning.

Learning culture at Enouvo

learning culture at Enouvo

“The more you learn, the more you earn”. At Enouvo, we encourage all members to keep learning and also create an environment of learning. It’s really essential for our developers to continuously update the latest knowledge. That’s why internal seminars have become our culture. It’s the time when our developers can share the knowledge related to their professional field and get feedback to improve their working performance.

In addition, we invited some experts to share their knowledge and skills with our developers. These tech-talks series have become our monthly activities.

Why Enouvo choose the name of our session as “TGIF Sharing Knowledge”?

Enouvo is now committing to create a new way of sharing knowledge over drinking, that’s why we choose the name of our session as “TGIF Sharing Knowledge”. Friday is always a good day to drink (not too much but enough to get our shy developers to speak up). This month, we held the first session themed “Cloud-Native Platform Introduction (Kubernetes).

We invited a special guest speaker from Google to join this TGIF session – Mr. Huy Huynh from Google.  He is a Tech Lead and Senior Engineer at Google Cloud Platform, a full-stack engineer focusing on large scale systems. In his current role, he leads the team working with both internal and external customers on integrations with Cloud Native technologies. Prior to Google Cloud, he worked on Search at Google and Quora. Huy is an active early startup investor and advisor. His hobbies are traveling and skiing. Currently, Huy is living in Seattle with his wife and two kids.

The first Enouvo’s TGIF session was successful with the participation of more than 20 developers in Da Nang city. It was an excellent opportunity for all developers to learn experiences from others or simply to meet & mingle with technology-oriented people.

We expect to host variety qualify TGIF sessions like that in the future

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