Techtalk I An Introduction to ReactJs

Techtalk I An Introduction to ReactJs

It was indeed an insightful experience for everyone in Enouvo. This was an internal Meetup for members who want to learn more about React, discuss new features, new tools, present examples and their solutions.
ReactJS is a Javascript library given by Facebook for building user interfaces (UI). React isn’t difficult to learn. And, the power and usability of ReactJS is simply awe-inspiring. It is one of the best libraries to build modern web applications.

The event was initiated with the warm welcome from Mr Quang- Enouvo’s senior web developer who has numerous experience with React. This introduction covered the very basics of React, which made people knowing what React is, how it’s different from other frameworks, how to create components, and how to communicate between components. The meet-up also focused on sharing successes and failures in working with ReactJS and the backing stack.

We started the meet-up with an introduction about React and The Reason ‘Why should we use React’.

The following session, we dived under the hood of React library and look at some React Fundamentals.

The Q&A session ended up the event. This was an opportunity for everyone to ask any ReactJs-related questions, which get help on anything we’re working through and trying to learn.

We already had a useful and informative event within those broad-mind people at Enouvo. The Meetup has opened up the opportunity to let our guys know why we are using ReactJS as our main front-end library now and share experiences in how we used it. With a basic understanding of Message Queue, we hope that our members would find it even more interesting and understand how to implement it. Hence they can utilize the sharing knowledge to build more awesome projects.

A huge thank to our great man- Mr. Quang for his wonderful sharing. Waiting for the next interesting and useful talk!




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