SMARTOS – Smarter Office Space released the first version

After a few months of developing, Enouvo IT Solutions finally introduced the first version of SMARTOS – Smarter Office Space – a management platform that helps to automate manual tasks, maximize efficiency, and increase member satisfaction. Enouvo notes that it’s planning to continuously add more features on a steady basis over the coming months.

coworking space management

As coworking has become more popular, using software to managing will help co-working spaces create the best experience for their members and visitors. In Vietnam, Enouvo is the first company that develops an app for managing a co-working space operation. SMARTOS will make it easier to manage successful co-working or shared office spaces. It’s a great tool that takes a lot of work off the staff’s hands. It also helps space owners and their staff focus on the important thing: building the community.

At the SURF Day in Danang last month, Enouvo officially introduced SMARTOS to customers and drew attention from a lot of visitors.
As you know, in addition to providing IT solutions, Enouvo has developed another business as Enouvo Space – a co-working space in Danang. Therefore, we clearly understand problems in managing spaces.  SMARTOS initially helps to solve some problems that Enouvo Space has faced for the last time with the following features.

  • Booking calendar: Visually see which resources are booked at what times by checking the booking calendar;
  • Member management: Manage members easily and allow the records of extra information, generate monthly member reports;
  • Reports: Get real-time reporting about payments, space usage, bookings, etc;
  • Check-in, check-out member: Allow staff to easily check-in/check-out members to know easily who are currently in the co-working space;
  • Income management: Allow staff/admin users to manage income from bookings, other service fees, or manage expenses easier;
  • Invoice or billing: Automatically generate invoices for members upon requests. Also easy to keep track of invoices in the system.

“Since using SMARTOS, I find the work organized more efficiently. I can go directly to the Admin Dashboard to view the status of customers easily and no need to wait for my employees to report. Also, managing 2 spaces becomes much easier.” – Nguyen Thu Trang – Finance Manager of Enouvo Space shared

“I feel since using SMARTOS, the works have become a lot easier. Our team can save time and the software is easier to manipulate compared to Excel sheets we used to use. Thanks to SMARTOS, we can use our time effectively and focus on better customer care.” – Nguyen Thi Minh Tu – Enouvo Space’s staff said.

This is just the beginning of our journey to develop SMARTOS globally. Over time, we will add more features as we learn more about how customer’s experiences during the trial period.





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