Whats are behind a QA team lead

As final people checking the product, the Quality Assurance team plays an important role in the product development process. They not only help ensure the product’s quality but also save time and money, as well as increase business reputation. Today, let’s meet Enouvo’s QA team lead – Hung Nguyen and get to know more about his team!

1️⃣ What testing procedure are you using for your team? Is it drawn from knowledge or experience? First of all, we analyse and clarify software requirements to create a basis for test planning.

After having a plan, we design test cases or checklists covering software requirements. Test automation scenarios are created at the test design stage as well. Then, the test environment is prepared for test case execution. It should closely mimic the production environment in terms of hardware, software and network configurations, operating system settings, available databases, and other characteristics. Text execution starts when all preparation is finished. We continuously report and fix bugs until no issue is detected. Because each company or project has different testing procedures, I decide based on practical experiences.

2️⃣ There is manual testing in QA process, so why test automation is neccessary as well?

Test automation has many advantages! Due to automation, the testing process is available 24/7 and can operate on different platforms. Therefore, it saves human resources, time, and money a lot. It also makes regression tests easier. Besides, test automation can avoid human subjective mistakes. Finally, it creates a more detailed test report than manual testing.

3️⃣ With the team size increasing rapidly, what advantages and disadvantages do you have in the role of a QA Team Lead?

As you see, team members increase so the working progress is faster as well. In my team, everyone helps and shares their works together, which makes the job more productive. The more the merrier! Everyone is motivated to work and learn from each other. However, everything has two sides ? Each member has their own personality, so of course, there will be conflicts in the team. As a QA team lead, I have to be a mediator, even in arguments that are not related to me. Besides, each of them has its own strengths and abilities, if a team leader doesn’t exploit and promote those strengths, then everyone can’t maximize.

4️⃣ What do you think makes a good Leader?

I think as a team lead, the most important character is listening. Listen to your team members, your boss, your customers in order to understand them and improve your team. Besides, you also have to be fair. Once a team having bias, conflicts will inevitably arise. Your credibility will decrease and team members may not obedient. You are not only a leader but also a role model for the members. In the end, a leader must have good judgment to grasp the situation and create suitable strategies for your team.

5️⃣ What is the most memorable project that you’ve worked at Enouvo?

It was probably the Reebonz project when I was a QA lead. There was a simple error in the interface of the product. However, all teams were subjective and didn’t check this bug. Then the CEO of Reebonz emailed to ask us why it could have happened. It was just a small error, but it could slip through from Backend, Frontend, QA to UAT. This experience reminded Enouvo’s value which is Outstanding. We need to test in the most detailed and meticulous way to release a completed product.

6️⃣ Currently the technology industry in general and IT in particular are developing rapidly, how do you keep updated with the latest knowledge?

I often participate in testing groups on Facebook to see great shares and tips from other users. I also update and apply new technologies to my workflow because nothing is better than practising. Well, don’t forget to follow the Twitter of famous QA engineers, there are many interesting things to learn!

7️⃣ In addition to specialized knowledge, what skills do you think a QA engineer also needs?

As a QA engineer, you must know a foreign language, especially English to quickly update state-of-the-art technologies. Not only that, but this skill also gives you a great advantage when working with foreign customers in the era of globalization today. Besides, presentation is a very important skill as well. In addition, don’t forget to hone your listening and communication skills. They not only help you build better relationships but also makes your works more accurate.

8️⃣ Joining Enouvo since 2014, how do you feel about the development of Enouvo Group?

Accompanying Enouvo for 8 years, I have witnessed the rapid development of the company. Nevertheless, Enouvo’s culture still retains the same as the first days. It is owing to a strong foundation shaped by two founders and the consensus of the whole company. To me, Enouvo is like my second family.

9️⃣ Can you share a little bit about your future plans?

Currently, I want to develop more in the QA field, so I will continue to improve myself and develop my career in this segment. At the same time, I want to be attached and dedicate more to Enouvo. So I would be here for a long time.

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