Mini App – Super small app, Super big chance

Introduced in 2017, Mini App has been becoming a “hot” topic in the technology world thanks to its outstanding benefits. A popular example is WeChat – a big brother in the Chinese tech market. So what is Mini App and how does this development approach present great opportunities, let’s find out with ENOUVO!

1. Super small app

What is Mini App?

Mini apps, also known as Mini Programs, are small apps with limited features existing in a bigger app (Super Apps). Users don’t have to download or update frequently as Native Apps (apps developed for Android and iOS) or Hybrid Apps (multi-platform apps).

Mini Apps is cross-platform so it helps developers to bring Native App experiences to users on different operating systems with just a single codebase.

For instance, Tini App is a Mini Apps platform developed by Tiki, which aims to support partnerships in building applications on Tiki. Since then, Tiki provides a richer and more quality application store for users. For Tini Apps, the Tiki app acts as a Super App. These apps located in Tiki’s “Utility Warehouse” are written by Developers both inside and outside of Tiki. Users can access Tini Apps through the Tiki app or use QR codes.

An application of Mini App that marketers might be familiar with is Gamification Marketing. For example, during Tiki events, Mini Apps can provide simple games for users to play and receive rewards like vouchers or bonus points.

mini app
Source: Tiki

Advantages of Mini App

In addition, Mini Apps also have advantages such as

  • No registration fees
  • Save time and resources
  • Leverage the ecosystem and users of Super Apps
  • Increase user experience
  • Create a stepping stone for the process of building your own e-commerce website

Thanks to these benefits, businesses can focus on their core services while enjoying all the benefits of digital transformation.

2. Super big chance

From the user’s perspective, they can do everything with just one application. Customers not only use the app (Tiki) for shopping but also have other needs. With Mini Apps, businesses can give more utilities to customers and thus bring more value to them.

Besides, Mini Apps are able to minimize customers’ time and effort in login operations. Instead of registering or logging in many times to each app for different needs, users only do it once with the Super app, and then all login operations to other Tini Apps will process automatically. Centralizing user data in one place not only makes it easier for users to access Tini Apps but also helps Tiki (Super App) leverage data to deliver a better user experience.

mini app
Source: Tiki

In terms of businesses, Mini App saves a lot of resources. Commonly, to bring products to users, businesses have to separately build an app on iOS, one on Android, and one on the web for different users. However, this “pain point” can be solved by Mini Apps! With Tini Apps, developers only need to know and use extremely simple programming languages that are HTML and CSS. Then, Tiki will make sure the app can run on iOS, Android and Web. The volume and time to perform the work are now reduced to only 1/3.

Even a fresher using HTML and CSS is able to write a Tini App because the Backend is taken care of by Tiki’s Development team. The designer manpower can also be reduced by using Tiki’s “Design Session” for interface designing unless your need is to build a special app.

Moreover, another problem for new apps is integrating payment gateways might take months. However, when building the Tini App, businesses can inherit all payment gateways of Tiki.

Last but not least, when a Tini App is launched on Tiki, the app will easily reach existing users of Tiki. Various segmentations with a large number of customers are always available on this big Super App.

3. Super easy to build

So, how to build a Mini App? This knowledge was shared by Mr An Pham – Software Engineering Director of Tiki – during the process of building the Tini App on Tiki.

Similar to building apps on the App Store or Google Play Store, Tiki provides you with a platform to sign up for a developer account and create apps, called Tini Console. Then developers build Tini App on Tini Studio. The interesting point of Tini Studio is that you can use it to demo with clients and help them have a clearer picture of the Tini App. The final stage is version management and distribution as well as operations.

Technically, the detailed process for building Tini App is envisioned as follows:

mini app
Source: Tiki

Is information about Mini App, in general, and Tini App of Tiki, in particular, interesting? It was shared by Speaker An Pham (Director of Software Engineer at TIKI) and Host Trinh Nguyen (CTO at ENOUVO) in our last event #EnouvoTGIS – Mini App – Super Small App, Super Big Opportunity” taking place on May 28.

ENOUVO hopes that we shed the light on what Mini App is and suggested a new topic for you to learn more about. If you find this blog useful, read more and follow us for further knowledge!





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