Meet our talented Marketing Leader

1. You’re not only a Marketing Leader at Enouvo but also a Business lecturer at FPT Greenwich University. Needless to say, you’re super busy and might be overload sometimes. How do you control your work and manage your time?

Nguyen Phuong Dung – Marketing Leader at Enouvo IT Solutions

In the past, I’m the kind of person who follows perfection and is very strict to myself. I force myself a lot to learn, to work, to manage my personal life. My life was stressful. Then one day I realize obsessing perfectionism prevents me from being my best. I’m a Marketing Lead at Enouvo and a Business Lecturer – Marketing Subject Leader at FGW, I need to focus on the bigger picture and the end vision. I stop being a perfectionist and focus on achieving personal excellence. In addition, I learn to trust and believe in my teammate abilities; I identify my limitation and start delegating tasks to focus on the big picture; Apart from this, I learn to go with the flow and accept the fact that there are sometimes things will not work as the way I expect; I ask for help when I’m overload; I organize the priority tasks and try to solve it asap. ‘Be here now’ is my solution. For example, when I’m at the university I’ll focus on teaching tasks; when I’m at the company, I focus on the Marketing tasks of Enouvo.

2. What do you do to balance your work and your life?

???????? Honestly, it’s a hard question for me. Most of my friends and members told me I’m a workaholic. I feel like I need to sacrifice myself sometimes to focus on the more important thing. I’m still young; I need to gain and improve my skills as well as knowledge more and more; therefore, I focus on working and learning at the moment. However, at the weekend I’ll give myself a space to relax and recover. Spending time with those I love, having a deep sleep to recover, drawing is a key to tackle stress and connect to my inner side.

3. Are there any advantages or disadvantages when you work at 2 companies at the same time?

The only issue is the lack of time for myself. However, I found so much more pros such as always sharpen my knowledge and have a chance for proactive-learning in various field of business. Expanding the connection and relationship is a bonus. Charging my energy when teaching and talking to my students. Turning my knowledge into practice when working in the company and getting more practical skills. It can be said both jobs supplement each other and I’m happy with what I’m having and doing at the moment.

4. How “being a marketer” has changed your life?

It makes me become more dynamic, proactive, and positive. Marketing requires you to update and continuous learning all the time so I feel like I can catch up with the latest technology and never be left behind.

5. In your opinion, are there any differences when working as a marketer in an IT company and others (agency)?

Each field has its own strengths and actually, at Enouvo, we have various industries with different businesses. Sometimes I feel like I’m working for a client but in fact, it’s an agency. At Enouvo, we have an IT company, a coworking space, a coffee shop, a marketing agency for clients in the tech industry, and for our own SaaS products, etc. Therefore, I can gain more experience in different industries and can catch up with the latest technology.Marketing leader at Enouvo

Sharing is one of her strengths

6. As a Marketing leader, What kind of management style do you prefer?

Affiliative Style and Democratic Style. I’m close to the team and share all information with my members about anything that relates to work responsibilities and even personal life. I encourage them to be a project manager with their own work so that all of us can be more confident and flexible to work and manage different skills of marketing. My team can run and cover each other if there are any incidents happens. They’re also responsible for their job, eager to learn, sharpen the skills, and proactive in problem-solving. That’s what I’m proud of my team.

7. Do you have any advice for those who are being a marketer or going to be a marketer?

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish. Try to observe more, always ask ‘Why?’ and eager to find the answer. Improve critical analysis, see things in different aspects. Dare to try something new.

She enjoys her life at Enouvo with creative members

8. How do you feel about being part of the Enouvo family?

I found grateful to meet these great people, from my bosses to my teammates. They help me to be a better me and build up my confidence. They believe in me and give me a chance to try, to test, to grow up. Luckily, I met Enouvo in the early stage of my career path. When working here, I don’t feel like I’m working FOR ANYONE. Instead, I’m working FOR MYSELF, MY VISION AND MY VALUE. It’s because all the values of the company and the founders match me. Thanks to Enouvo, I can contribute to the community and my city more and more.





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