Learn about Business Analyst with ENOUVO

Continuing in the series of positions in software development, this time, we will find out Business Analyst (BA) – a quite new job for Vietnamese students. So, who is a BA? And what do they do? To better understand this position, let’s listen to the sharing of Nam Truong, who has many years of experience with the position of Business Analyst, and Thi Nguyen, who decided to switch from a different industry to pursue this work.

Learn about Business Analyst with ENOUVO

Let’s introduce yourself and your works

Nam: My name is Nam. I’m working as a Business Analyst at ENOUVO GROUP.

Thi: Hello everyone, I’m Thi. I’ve been working as a Business Analyst at Enouvo IT Solutions for almost 1 year.

Learn about Business Analyst with ENOUVO
Nam Truong – Business Analyst of ENOUVO

What are the duties of a Business Analyst?

Nam: We work directly with customers to collect customer’s requests. Then, we are the one who discusses and forwards those to the internal team. We are also the person helping answer the internal team’s questions.

The importance of Business Analysts in a project

Nam: For customers, a BA is a person providing solutions for them. They help customers or users have better experiences and better lives. With the internal team, BA is the one making everybody’s work easier. For example, they clarify requirements, solve issues, or create Mockup, Wireframe, etc.

How does the Business Analyst work in a project?

Thi: Firstly, we receive customer’s requests. Then we research and analyse to understand the requirements. After that, we divide them into features, draw the sitemap, wireframe, and write user stories of features. When working in the process, I also research online to learn about similar software. Besides, we have to discuss with Developers to find the best solutions.

Learn about Business Analyst with ENOUVO
Thi Nguyen (on the right side) – Business Analyst of ENOUVO

How did you start your job?

Thi: The reason I switched to Business Analyst is that I had the opportunity to work in an Operation position at Enouvo Space. During the operation and management of Coworking Space, I had the opportunity to test Smartos software. At that time, I used and tested new features, so I understood the system well and did my own research and analysis to improve this software. From there, I moved to the BA position.

Difficulties in Business Analyst’s work

Nam: BAs usually work with very vague ideas. For example, there are customers who came to me with a very simple idea, and I had to turn it into a fuller and clearer idea. When working with ideas, you may encounter two problems. One is that you may complicate that idea. On the other hand, you may think too simply. If you think the idea is complicated, you’ll overdo it. But if you look at it too simply, you’ll miss out on potential cases, or users.

Thi: Each project has different requirements and involves different people, so I have to find out about that field. For example, if you make HR management software, you must understand the process as well as how the HR department works. Similar to Coworking Space management software, you need to understand its operating process.

Learn about Business Analyst with ENOUVO

Essential skills and knowledge of a Business Analyst

Nam: For a BA, firstly, you must have the ability to communicate with customers. BAs often communicate in English. Your English skills should be at the level where you can express a concept or an idea of your own. The second thing that I think a BA need is the ability to analyze. Besides, you also need to be able to map those ideas and a little bit of logical thinking.

What should you study to become a Business Analyst?

Nam: As far as I know, in Vietnam, there is no university educating professional BAs. But if you want to be a BA, you can take online courses. In Da Nang, there are also short-term courses for you to practice as a BA.

How many years does it take to become a Business Analyst?

Nam: I think it doesn’t depend on the time. It depends on your speed and learning skills. Because, as a BA, you have to constantly learn. With a new domain, you have to learn from scratch. If your learning ability is fast and you work hard, it’s completely possible within a year.

Learn about Business Analyst with ENOUVO

Development roadmap of a Business Analyst

Nam: As a BA, you can go deep into a Domain to become an expert in that Domain. Or you can become a Product owner.

Advice and experience for students who want to become a Business Analyst

Nam: I think students can start to practice their BA work by observing because BAs have to come up with solutions. Let’s take a look around your life. There may be difficulties, problems that need to be solved in a simple or complex way. See how people around you solve those problems. See how systems deal with user’s complexity.

Thi: During the analysis, in addition to finding information online for solutions of your project, you should discuss directly with the Developer team to find the best solutions instead of doing it yourself.

Through sharing from Nam and Thi, we hope you can imagine what the portrait of a Business Analyst is like as well as the skills and knowledge required to become a BA.

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