KuuHo’s awarded as Outstanding Digital Product

After 3 years in the market, KuuHo has achieved encouraging results and positive responses from the community in Danang city. Especially, in December 2020, KuuHo is on the Top 10 Outstanding Digital Product Narrowing the Digital Gap – Make-in-Vietnam Digital Award 2020.

A significant milestone in our Community Support journey

In October 2020, KuuHo team received an announcement from Danang about the Make-in-Vietnam Award 2020. It also was the time when KuuHo technical team was rushing to perfect the Disaster feature to support the Central people during the flood season. Two months later, we received the happy news from the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA)

Being one of the top 10 Outstanding Digital Product Narrowing the Digital Gap is a significant milestone in our Community Support journey. It’s as a grateful encouragement to KuuHo development team.

Make-in-Vietnam Digital Awards is annually organized by the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA). It aims to honor businesses and individuals with contributions to the digital technology and digital economy development of the country. The year 2020 is the first time the Ministry of Information and Communications awarded Make-in-Vietnam digital products.

The award attracted more than 239 applicants in 05 categories: Excellent digital product, Excellent digital solution, Excellent digital platform, Narrowing the digital gap, and Potential digital product.

Digital Product

KuuHo contributes to building a smart city in Danang

Officially launched in 2018, KuuHo is helpful app support for developing Danang as a smart city with meaningful features:

  • Calling for help from the community: Sending alerts to authorities and other people around you in case of an emergency occurs. You can also receive these emergencies and give a helping hand to others.
  • Sending reports to Gov: Help to improve the social well-being by reporting local issues about Dangers, Violations or Travel related issues by uploading photos and pinpointing the exact locations.
  • COVID features:
  • Disaster features:

In 2018, KuuHo released the first version with the key feature of call helps from the community. It helps to turn your phone into a “shield” to protect yourself from danger. In 2019, we released the 2nd version with the integration to the Contribution system of Danang’s Government. Thereby, it can contribute to creating even more utilities on smartphones for users.

Accordingly, comments and complaints given by local residents will be automatically transferred to the Contribution website. Relevant departments and agencies will reply to complainants and deal with their reported issues. All the answers will be available at both https://gopy.danang.gov.vn/ and the KuuHo app.

Developed by Control and Automation Solutions Co., Ltd. (CAS), KuuHo app is built on iOS and Android. Our effort is to create a platform to connect people, establish a community where people can call for help, give help and connect with each other and with the local authorities. Hopefully, together we can make a big difference in society.

We hope that launching KuuHo app to Danang citizens will help to promote interaction between organizations, individuals and government agencies in our community and thereby building a livable friendly environment for Danang city.

There are so many ways giving helps to people and receive helping hands from our community, we just need an easier way to connect with them”





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