IT solutions for business to tackle COVID Situation

Change is always a scary word, we feel comfortable in our regular routines. But this year has created so many significant changes in our lives, which we never imagined could happen. All the fancy offices are now empty instead of people work in their homes. Wearing a mask has become a new common. The widespread fear of the virus also has affected our lifestyle a lot.

IT solutions tackle COVID-19

And these changes have hit the business and organizations very hard, they have to find new solutions to implement these new normals and try to keep surviving. This process is not easy since it involves a lot of experimentation and time.

So in this blog, we have some ideas for IT solutions that you could use to adapt to this new normal and keep your business afloat.

Efficient Finance Management

Finance has become scarce even for well-established companies because of this pandemic, so we are all in need to manage our finance effectively and reduce costs.

And having most people working from home has become the need of the hour to have a fully functional finance management application. They can help with financial projections, analysis, detailed accounting, taxing regulations, salary management, automated data entry, and internal communication.

Having such an application specifically designed for your company can give your staff precious time to plan progressive strategies instead of spending time on calculations and data entries.

Brand Exposure 

All over the world, most businesses are in a major transformation from physical stores to online stores. Having an online presence has become a must in the current situation. It helps you to reach your customers directly and also removes the restriction of distance. And, you could sell your products all over the world.

Trust is one of the major factors to make an online purchase or consultation. A professional website with required information can help you build customer trust and convey company values. The main pulling strategy to bring people to your website is to have a large and impactful social media presence.

Having to manage different social media accounts at the same time constantly updating your website, could be highly time-consuming. So creating your own website but also making an application that can help you manage all your social media accounts and your website in the same platform. This will also include different key factors like understanding customer engagement, automated posting, client data, and other information. Save money and time!

Online Training

One of the important tasks of the Human Resource department is to help their employees grow and keep them motivated. During this time of social distancing, we can’t implement in-person training and team building sessions instead we have to convert to online platforms. But changing into online training can be challenging because traditional trainers are not experienced with online methods. It can make the whole process tough and less effective.

So having an efficient communication platform with access to interactive functions, translations, notes, and other facilities that can make online training more fun and informative is a necessity.

It can be a multifunctional tool that can also be used for communication between teams, online meetings, and e-trainings.

Securing Data

Having the entire business model into cloud storage and online platforms also left us exposed to cyber crimes and data breaches. It is significant to secure your critical information and strategies.

Security solutions can help you monitor your data, identify the potential area of breaches, create a safe environment for online conversations, and safeguard your vital information. Such a program can help your company grow faster without the fear of data security.

Smart Management

IT solutions - Coworking Space Management Software

Smartos – The Smart Coworking Space Management 

Management is always a crucial part of every company. t is important to oversee different departments and make sure everyone is working in the right direction to achieve a combined goal. Having to manage human resources, finance, product team, growth, marketing, and operations could be a challenging task while working from home.

A personalized platform where a manager could interact with teams personally and learn the process of all these departments. And also being able to have a deep clear vision of different projects and teams through work diaries, weekly reports. The combined contribution of different teams and other factors will also be accessible on this platform.

Data Management and Analysis

IT solutions - Data Analytics

Enouvo IT Solutions helps Actable AI to develop a web application on data analytics

Data is the most vital information of a company, it includes customer details, project ideas, conversations, feedback, and research. The major output of most employees is valuable data. For example, if an intern is researching the market in Danang, their final output is the data they produce.

So it is very vital for the company to store this information accordingly. Especially when working from home there are numerous documents being sent across the company. It is a need to have a specialized application that can help you organize these documents in an effective way. Then, it will be easy to find back the information when you are trying to create new strategies or plans.

Automation Softwares

We have been hearing this word automation a lot recently, though it sounds very technical or complicated. But it isn’t hard to understand. A small email sorting assistance is automation, a technology that can help you to perform, analyze, or organize predetermined activities.

It could be used in many different areas depending upon the nature of the business. For instance, an automated and well-developed chatbot for customer interaction could leave a positive impact on your business and also reduce time spent on replying inquiries.

You could get in touch with developers to understand what type of automation you could use to make your company smarter.

Overall these are some IT solutions that can make a positive impact in the way of working and increase efficiency. Even small companies should start investing in similar support services, it will be a long term investment with multiple benefits.

Why should you choose Enouvo IT Solutions?

We use different web technologies to develop products depends on the nature of the product. We have a wide range of expertise in the latest web technologies that help us to master the development process. If you have your preferred technology, let us know and we will implement it.

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