How to kill your DEADLINE

Are you struggling with the deadline? If the answer is yes, don’t forget to check this article. We will provide you a wide list of tips to help you to through it. Let’s kill the deadline!

How to kill your deadline

Start with a to-do list 

It is a good idea at the end of each day to refresh the to-do list, remove tasks that have been completed, and add new ones.

Break down the task to smaller time units

All you have to do is break a project down into smaller parts, and then create a schedule that lets you complete each part at different points in the time leading up to the final deadline. You’re basically making a bunch of smaller “sub-deadlines” that will incrementally get you to your goal. For example, if you had a week to write a five-page article on meeting work deadlines, your schedule might say: “Monday — Finish Page 1. Tuesday — Finish Page 2.” And so on.

Prioritize your works

Prioritizing your tasks where you select what should be done first or immediately will help you to properly manage your time.

Get help from others to meet the deadline together

The key thing to keep in mind is not being afraid of requesting for help when it is needed. It is better to ask for help than to miss critical deadlines that could have an impact on your performance, reputation, and the company.

Another way to work with tough deadlines is to negotiate extra help. For example, to file the documents with the FDA.”

Most managers would rather hear, “I can get the accounting done, but I’ll need Bob,” than, “I was too busy to meet that deadline I accepted last week.”

Dealing with interruptions 

Interruptions are an inevitable part of the workday. Too many interruptions can take a toll on your productivity and eat up valuable time that could be channeled towards your priorities.

Try to come up with solutions to keep the interruptions under control. For example, turn off notifications for emails, voicemail, apps, instant messages, text messages, etc. Check and respond to emails and voicemail at specific intervals. Furthermore, you can work in a quiet location in the office, or attend meetings where you can add value.

Keep calm and be careful and every deadline will be killed

Pay attention to every detail unless you want to miss some piece of the work. Even if it’s urgent, spend a few minutes looking it over and making sure every item is delivered.





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