How to become a good Intern in a professional company

Before becoming an Intern, you imagine a lot of good things:

  • Warmly welcome by colleagues
  • Get help from everyone
  • Be assigned “dream” jobs
  • Be smooth in everything.

But when you actually become an Intern, you feel “disillusioned”.

  • Everyone is busy
  • Repetitive work makes you boring
  • Poor communication skill makes you unable to connect with colleagues.

From there, you lose interest in the job, and start thinking about “Am I right for this job?”.

Meanwhile, some students are kept for a full-time job after an internship. So how to become a good Intern? How to be appreciated by the company and colleagues?

Let’s find the way to become a good Intern in a professional company with Enouvo IT Solution.

1. Be proactive at work

Be proactive at work - How to become a good Intern

This is an important factor no matter what field you are in, any environment. Despite knowing that, many students still don’t show it during their internship.

Don’t just sit there and work all day long just so you can finish it quickly and go home. Besides that, you think that if there is a task, the leader will assign it to you, and just do well your task is enough.

You know what? If you do it, leader will evaluate you as a passive person.

You must understand that your mentor is very busy. They can’t spend all their time guiding and monitoring your task. If you don’t actively report the work progress, they suppose you have not done the task. As a result, you become an idler person in a busy environment.

So what is the solution for this?

  • Be proactive in asking questions. When don’t understand something, you must immediately ask questions to clarify the issues. You not only clarify the problem but also save time to do your task.
  • Be proactive in reporting. When having problems or completing the assigned task, you need to report it immediately. Your leader can control the status of your work. If you finish the work well and early, they will highly appreciate you as a responsible person and can give you other tasks. Besides that, reporting will help you quickly resolve problems.
  • Actively get more tasks. When having completed your task, you can actively take on more tasks. This is your chance to learn and show off your abilities. However, you have to remember that “MUST COMPLETE YOUR TASKS” to be able to receive more new tasks. If your task has not been completed and you have received a new one, you are only evaluated as someone who doesn’t know how to control the work.

2. Find out information before asking

Find out information before asking

This is what makes you easy to “lose points” with your leader. Asking questions is good, but you’ll be judged as someone who doesn’t actively research if you don’t know how to ask. You need to ask intelligent questions!

There are usually two situations to ask questions.

Case 1: When leader assigns a task you have done before.

In this case, you need to clarify the request before starting the task. Therefore, you can ask by: “According to what you said, I understand this as A, B, C, D,… So, am I doing this right?” If your leader agrees, you can start working on the task.

Case 2: When leader assigns a task you have never done.

With these tasks, you should research the problems of it. Then ask the same question as above.

Surely this you will highlly appreciated by your leader for studying the matter thoroughly.

3. Treat it like a real job if you want to become a good Intern

Treat it like a real job if you want to become a good Intern

You always feel very despondent at work. This is just a temporary job for you to get an internship certificate at the company. If you think like that, it will greatly limit your possibilities.

Because you don’t show off the full potential to prove yourself, your mentor can’t find your talent. From there, you are only assigned small tasks.

Let’s consider this as full-time job. Try your best! You will receive many worthy results.

One note that helps you to be interested in the company is choosing suitably the company.

  • You have the right to choose the company to apply for an internship. Therefore, carefully research the company and the position you want to apply for. Being prepared will make you feel more confident in your work and comfortable in the workplace.

4. Connect with colleagues

This is an indispensable factor in the internship. Build a firm and healthy relationship with them to help you grow more as a person and develop as a professional. Besides that, connecting with them will make you feel excited about going to the company every day.

how to become a good Intern

Don’t worry that they’ll think you’re not truly connected with them. Show a sincere desire to learn from your colleagues, they will willing to help you.

A lot of students said that it was very difficult to adapt to a new workplace. Why don’t you start with a simple action? Say “Hello” or “How are you?”. It is enough to show your friendliness with colleagues.

Besides, doing something together is the fastest way to connect with everyone. You should try to participate in extracurricular activities with colleagues. Having strong connections may also help you find the best opportunities in the future.

5. Personal self-assessment

Personal self-assessment

When coming to a new workplace, interns often observe and evaluate the people around them. However, they are just focused on the things around them that forget one important thing – self-assessment.

Self-assessment is an important skill that everyone should practice. The more you evaluate yourself, the more you show the level of personality development. This is a way to help you become more confident, enterprising, and promote your ability.

Of course, at the first time, colleagues are willing to point out your mistakes. After that, if you don’t evaluate yourself, no one takes the time to point out your flaws.

Therefore, keeping track of your progress will let you know your strengths and weaknesses. From that, you can overcome and promote yourself to develop more and more.

By creating useful tips for students, Enouvo IT Solution hopes to contribute to helping you become a good Intern. EIS is always willing to accompany passionate and enthusiastic young people. Let’s be a Enouver!





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