How Enouvo IT Solutions supports IT students

The founders of ENOUVO believe in the potential of Vietnamese young generations. That’s why our goal is to awake the power of Vietnamese young talents. From starting days, we have supported IT students in Danang with various activities. Every year, we offer more than 2 paid internship programs which help students approach practical knowledge as well as improve their professional skills. We also organized some workshops on how to meet enterprises’ requirements, how to improve their soft skills, and so on. 

In addition, we have cooperated with universities offering Information Technology as Passerelles numériques, SCIT, DUT to help them improving training programs.

On August 2nd, Enouvo IT Solutions had a chance to participate in the workshop “Relationship between the university and IT Companies” organized by the Da Nang University Of Technology with other IT companies in Da Nang city.

Enouvo IT Solutions ask for the plan of offering new technologies for IT students

The workshop aimed to improve the quality of IT training and promote the cooperation relationship between IT companies and the university. 

In recent years, DUT has successfully organized a lot of activities, including technical seminars, career orientation, annual Devday. As reportedly, the number of IT students finding jobs after graduation is always higher than the others. 

DUT students’ professional capacity is highly-appreciated, but they need to improve their soft skills and foreign language skills. 

Mrs. Hanh Trang, CEO of Enouvo IT Solutions asked for the plan of teaching new technologies subjects in the time of 4.0 industry. She also wondered whether DUT with increase enrollment targets to meet to recruitment demands of enterprises. 

Enouvo It Solutions and other IT enterprises committed to support IT students

In the future, DUT and IT enterprises will continue promoting the cooperation relationship with more activities. Enouvo IT Solutions, as well as other IT enterprises committed to supporting DUT in improving the quality of training programs. They will advise for detailed subject outlines, practical skills, and so on. 

ENOUVO believes that cooperation with universities will contribute to wakening up the power of young Vietnamese talents. 

We always create the most favorable conditions for students to improve their skills and develop their careers. We hope that we could contribute to developing the young generation as much as possible. 

Source by DUT news and Youtube





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