Enouvo Halloween Party 2018

One of the biggest annual events at Enouvo is Halloween Party. Even though Halloween is the time for kids to play “trick or treat” and dress on crazy costumes, we still had a wonderful Party night with loads of fun and remarkable memories together. It gives our members the chance to be silly together, defuse tensions, and have a well-deserved break from many usual days at the workplace.

On this special occasion, everyone had a chance to show their creative ability by preparing the best costumes for them. The Halloween costumes chosen on that day were variety. From famous characters in comics or movies with creepy looking to some funny and adorable costumes. A day before Halloween party, we had giving out costumes awards with an aim to inspire members to “up the ante” on their Halloween costume planning.

We also had lots of fun Halloween themed games at the party. It not only brought more excitement into the party, but also created a stronger bond among us. All of us got so much fun and laugher this activities.

Gratefulness to our designers for doing makeup and our developers and officers for participating and creating a fun memory together. We are working hard to make it a great place for you to work hard and play hard together.

At the end of the event, we also gave some prizes for our staff such as “The most impressive costume”, The Scariest costume” and “The Favourite Costume”. Let’s take a look around our Halloween costumes, which ones do you find scariest and cutes guys?





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