Halloween Day at Enouvo

Together with our monthly meeting, we had such a fun and unique party at Enouvo to celebrate Halloween day.
Halloween is a great holiday to celebrate at work because it inspires creativity and playfulness. It gives our members the chance to be silly together, defuse tensions, and have a well-deserved break from many usual days at the workplace.

For this special day, everyone ditches the regular work clothes and come to work in a costume of their choice.  The Halloween costume which many staffs chose that day has varied from the characters in the comics, classic movie characters or some familiar characters with black dresses. The dress-up was not only bringing the “creepy atmosphere” to the office but also express their individuality.

Great thanks to our designer for the Halloween makeup and our developers plus officers for participating and creating a fun memory together. We are working hard to make it a great place for you to work hard and play hard together.

At the end of the event, we also gave some prizes for our staff such as Presidential Award, The Scariest costume award, The cutest costume award, Costume with the best investment award. Take a look around our Halloween costumes, which ones do you find scariest and cutes guys?





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