Meeting a female developer of our Backend team

Being a girl in the IT industry is rare, and being a female developer doing Backend is even rarer. But this rarity made Linh Tran – a Backend Developer of ENOUVO become more special. Now, let’s get to know this interesting girl with us!

Linh Tran is a female developer in the Backend team
Linh Tran – Backend Developer of ENOUVO

A dedicated girl of the Backend team

Linh is a very talented developer. She used to receive a scholarship from Passerelles Numériques Vietnam to study Information Technology at the university. During her studies, Linh found her passion in Backend Development, so she decided to pursue this path.

“Every job has its own interest. As a Backend Developer, I can understand deeply about the system I’m developing. I also apply the latest technologies in our working process, so I can learn new things every day. Besides, each project has new and different features so you’ll never be bored with this job.”

Everybody loves Linh for her enthusiasm and inquisitiveness. She’s currently programming in JavaScript (NodeJS), but 3 years ago, she used to be a C# Developer (.NET).

“Thanks to my previous background in Backend Development, it was not too difficult to switch to another programming language. I’ve learned specialized knowledge and syntax of JavaScript. The importance is our attitude. We must be serious, concentrate and enthusiastic to be able to absorb it well.”

Our female developer is loved by all ENOUVERS
Everybody loves Linh for her enthusiasm and inquisitiveness.

A girl who never gives up

Being a female developer also brings Linh some challenges, but she overcomes them in her own ways.

“The biggest obstacle is that I’m not as agile as boys in terms of thinking or inferring. My method to overcome it is not fixing anything, just let it go. Haha just kidding. Of course, I have my own ways to improve my shortcomings. My method is practising as much as possible. When I learn new knowledge, I practice by applying it to the projects I do. The more I use it, the more practical experience I have. And whenever I need it, I can use these skills quickly and proficiently. The importance is that when you learn something new, you have to use it right away. If you just study without using it, you’ll definitely forget after a few days.”

Although sometimes Linh is “lonely” and “cries” with our boss to recruit more female Developers (luckily, we have Quyen in the Backend team recently), being a girl in an all-male team is also very interesting.

Can you get who is Tester and who is Backend Developer?
Can you get who is Tester and who is Backend Developer?

Linh is always an engergetic female developer

“Everybody often calls me as “Chị đại” (big sister). I don’t know why but I find it really funny. When I need to ask something, other teammates help me enthusiastically instead of throwing me many documents and letting me do my own research. Since I’m a girl, my team gives me exceptions sometimes.”

Linh’s energy and enthusiasm have inspired other IT girls of ENOUVO.

“There’re many interesting things for us to learn in this Backend segment and the whole IT industry in general. We have our own strengths and unique characteristics which make us special. For instance, our meticulousness will be an advantage when doing Backend Development. So girls, just boldly follow the path you have chosen!”

Is our Linh Tran impressive? Let’s meet more talented people of ENOUVO here!





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