Year End Party 2018

Another successful year has passed. In 2018 we have achieved a lot of new records and many new members have become a part of Enouvo family. On December 27, we held a Year End Party with full of joyous moments of all Enouvo’s members. The event not only showed the appreciation to all Enouvers for hard working and dedication in 2018, but also this was the time we enjoyed the end of the year together. This was a great night with full of delights, warms, and remarkable memories.

Before coming to the main part of the party, everyone took photos together at the photo booth. Enouvo family is becoming bigger and bigger every year. Now we have 43 members with 10 departments. This also shows the growth of our company.



The party is a great time for us to look back, what we have achieved, to see what we still need to accomplish. So year-end party is an important annual event for us to review and share its achievements during the past year as well as propose goals for next year.

The party started with the speech of our CTO which gave a quick throwback to the outstanding works and activities in 2018. Then, our CTO also gave us the plan and expectation for 2018.

Our CTO gave a brief throwback on outstanding works and activities of company in 2017


The party became more interesting with the performances of our members. Although very busy with deadline, the performances were well prepare even better than last year end party. This year, more talents have revealed. Not only sing and dance, we also have comedy drama, poem and even magic show.

More than expected, we’d enjoyed the funniest and craziest performances in the party.

The party ended with a lot of surprise by “Exchange Gift”. Everyone coming to the party brought a wrapped gift along and we marked the number on them. How much fun we got when unwrapping each gift and questing its ‘owners’.

Thanks again to all Enouvo’s members for being a part of this family. Let’s make another wonderful year together.


Let’s take a look at other photos of the party