Enouvo Year-end Party 2017

Enouvo Year-end Party 2017: A Look Back to Move Forward

To close a successful 2017 and welcome 2018, on December 29th, a Year-End Party party was held with the full participation of Enouvo members. This was an unforgettable night full of delights, warms, and remarkable memories. The event not only showed the company’s appreciation to all Enouvers for all the hard work over the past year but, more importantly, it was a precious time for us to have fun and enjoy the end of the year together.
Shall we take a quick look at what Enouvers did at our company’s year-end party?

Attentive to “Enouvo year-end summation”

The end of a year is a good time for us to look back, reflecting on achievements, and to look forward, to see what we still need to accomplish. So year-end party is an important annual event for us to review and share its achievements during the past year as well as propose goals for next year.

The party first kicked off with a brief throwback to outstanding works and activities in 2017. It was quite satisfying for us knowing our company has expanded greatly over the last year, resulting in projects growth along with welcoming a considerable number of newcomers. Then, our CEO also gave us general plan and expectation for 2017.

Crazy funny with “Enouvo Got Talent”

Our end of year party was heated to its highest spirit when everyone sang and danced along the performances prepared by enouvers, which has proven how talented our staffs are for not only working their best but also playing hard all they’ve got.

Just remember the days before party day, our office got merrier than ever by the team’s performance practice. More than expected, we’d enjoyed the funniest and craziest performances in the party.

Greatly surprised with “Christmas Kringle”

The party ended with a lot of surprise by “Exchange Gift”. Everyone coming to the party brought a wrapped gift along and we marked the number on them. How much fun we got when unwarping each gift and questing its ‘owners’.

Again thank all of you for being a part of Enouvo. This is another good beginning. Let’s rock in the new year together! May you be happy with whole year through!

Look other photos of our party:





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