Enouvo won the Runner-Up award at DevFest 2019

DevFest is a great opportunity for our young developers to get connected, interact, and learn about each other, as well as to experience and update new technology trends around the world. Especially, the Hackathon competition brought them a chance to challenge themselves and turn their ideas into reality. In 2019, Enouvo IT Solutions joined the Hackathon Competition themed “Green Up! Your Code” and proudly won the Runner award with the project We collect We Share.

The Runner-up at Devfest 2019
Our young developers won the Runner-Up at DevFest 2019

After two days and a half, our talented and young engineers created the app called ‘We collect We share’. It’s the app helping people to easily give away their unused stuff. Volunteer groups will use this app to collect and share the items to those who are in poverty and actually need it.

With We collect We share, users who want to donate something can use Facebook page or Google Assistant to send their requests. The volunteers who are assigned to collect will receive full information about donators and update the status of the process on the app. Web admins will manage the requests, confirm the information of donors, manage volunteers, and assign volunteers to collect and share.

Enouvo young developer at Devfest 2019

We hope that We collect We share will soon become a real product with the support of technologies as Google assistant, firebase. In the future, We collect We share may contribute a small effort to protect our environment. Then, it can help to raise awareness for people in the community with environmental protection.

RUnnerup of Devfest 2019

We got the Runner-Up award. However, above all, the biggest award our team got is the power of teamwork and the spirit of fighters to turn ideas into reality.

In addition, our CEO Mrs. Trang Hanh Tran and our Project Manager Mr. Vinh Duc Nguyen joined DevFest 2019 as mentors. They shared knowledge and supported DevFest teams much.

Once again, congratulations to our young talented developers who have done their best in DevFest 2019. So proud to have you with Enouvo IT Solutions family!





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