ENOUVO Won A Prize Of Mercury Hackathon 2021

After a 6-week online hackathon, ENOUVO can proudly say that our product was 1 out of 10 standout projects selected by Mercury Hackathon 2021’s judges. We won Best Use of Fractional NFTs with Togethr.xyz – A crowdfunding platform and marketplace for artists and creators.

Mercury Hackathon 2021 was an online hackathon held by AngelHack, in partnership with Tribe and KryptoSeoul and supported by Filecoin, IPFS & Flow. The hackathon has occurred from September 20 to October 31, 2021, aiming to bring together some of the most talented creators around the world to innovate and redefine boundaries.

Along with the rise of creative works, the demand for funding and selling artworks also increase more and more. However, traditional crowdfunding platforms are centralized. It doesn’t offer anonymity, data integrity, and resistance to censorship. Content creators and artists, especially digital ones, need a decentralized marketplace to offer their creations to the global audience with the option to pay without a big bank and international transfer fees. In addition, investors and individual funders are also looking for an easy and accessible place to allocate their money. Therefore, ​the Hackathon team of ENOUVO provided for digital content creators and artists a crowdfunding platform and NFT marketplace, namely Togethr.xyz.

ENOUVO hackathon team has worked continuously together for research, analysis, development and testing. Despite the urgent time and restrictions due to the pandemic, our team has completed the project successfully. Mercury Hackathon 2021 was a valuable chance to meet interesting friends, listen to creative ideas and be inspired for innovation!

If you want to explore more about products of ENOUVO, don’t forget to access our portfolio!





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