20 companies sponsor 1,000 free IT courses

Businesses sponsor 1,000 online IT courses via a partnership with FUNiX, which is valued 30 billion VND. Learners commit to working at respective businesses to receive the funding.

According to TopDev – an IT recruitment platform in Vietnamese, the number of human resources in the information technology industry needs to be about 500,000 people in 2021, with a shortage of 190,000 employees. Meanwhile, according to the General Statistics Office, in the first quarter of 2021 alone, Vietnam had 9.1 million workers aged 15 and above affected by Covid-19, while the number of unemployed people in working-age was nearly 1.1 million.

Faced with limited talent resources, many businesses are willing to invest in potential candidates by sponsoring their studies to recruit quality candidates in the shortest time. Therefore, right from the start, the program “Enterprises finance 100% of tuition fees” of FUNiX has attracted the great attention of businesses and young people who love and want to join the IT industry. After 3 months of implementation, the program attracts more than 3,000 registrants and 20 pioneering businesses that invest in the training of potential candidates.

ENOUVO signed MOU with FUNiX for sponsoring free IT courses
ENOUVO, one of 20 businesses that sponsor tuition fees, is ready to welcome FUNiX students to join their team.

Sponsoring businesses include SotaTek, VMO, SmartOSC, NAL, VietIS, 3S, Citek, Lifetek, Amela, Fabbi, CodLUCK, Vietclever, Enouvo, Reco, BAP, Vietsoftware, Innocom, Segu, Sweetsoft, Hài Hòa.

These companies are located in Hanoi, Thanh Hoa, Vinh, Hue, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City, which means that learners have ample opportunities to choose where to work instead of being forced to relocate to big cities. Many companies even have branches in foreign countries such as Thailand, Japan, the USA, or Australia, thereby broadening work opportunities for learners. “You can fully take advantage of the opportunity to work abroad and participate in multinational projects,” said a FUNiX representative.

Representing one of the enterprises participating in the program, Mrs Trang Hanh Tran – CEO of ENOUVO said that the company will accompany FUNiX in training and guiding activities for IT students. The online training model is very suitable in the current digital age and applicable to all learners.

“We believe that these IT courses will bring more value to IT students who are young talents of Vietnam. Hopefully, ENOUVO will has more qualified human resources, good practice skills from FUNiX.” said Mrs Trang.

Taking advantage of such opportunity from employers, Tran Ngoc Du (born in 1993) a programmer in Ho Chi Minh City applied right away. He is currently a mobile developer but wants to switch to being a back-end developer. He chose these IT courses with the goal to soon change his job, have a higher income and a long-term career.

Enrolled on April 5, after about a month and a half, Du has completed 60% of the program as of now. He said that IT courses have a clear roadmap, methodical knowledge, and support from mentors, so learning has been convenient for him. At his learning pace, the 28-year-old programmer expects to complete the course within one to two months and will return to work as expected.

Unlike Tran Ngoc Du, Tran Le Minh from Nam Dinh comes from a finance and accounting background but wants to change his career to information technology. Immediately after being recruited, Minh quit his job to study IT courses at FUNiX full-time with the desire to become a programmer. Starting on April 21, Minh has now completed 2 out of 7 subjects, aiming to complete the course in four to five months and work at a FUNiX partner company related to Japan. Minh commented that with the sponsorship for tuition fees and recruitment from 20 businesses, students like him have many options of where to work. After finishing their studies, the students can work immediately.

“FUNiX has no age or time restrictions, so I’m free to choose when I want to study. In addition, thanks to the diverse curriculum and learning materials from reputable sources, the mentoring system and the student advising support, I look forward to the day I change my career and pursue my dream again,” Minh said.

Young people are learning programming by online IT courses at FUNiX to pursue the field of information technology.
Many young people are learning programming online at FUNiX to pursue the field of information technology.

In appreciation of the companionship of 20 businesses that have joined hands with FUNiX to give students the opportunity to study for free and change careers, Ms Le Minh Duc – FUNiX CEO wishes that more students will know about and make good use of this opportunity.”The flexible learning method, the close connection of FUNiX with businesses and the way in which businesses can directly participate in the training process from curriculum development, professional mentoring, and career advising is a good solution for FUNiX to contribute to providing abundant and quality human resources to the job market”, Ms Duc affirmed.

About the program “Enterprises sponsor 100% of tuition fees”

The program “Enterprises sponsor 100% of tuition fees” ends on June 15.

Participating in the program, businesses will sponsor 100% of tuition fees for students to study at FUNiX, which covers seven subjects and a Capstone project for the total value of 30 million VND. To receive this grant, students need to complete a 6-month training program and commit to working at one of the above businesses for at least one year.

The curriculum includes: Building the First Website, Basic C Programming, Object-Oriented Programming in Java, Data Structures and Algorithms, Mobile Programming, Database Systems, Web Application Development, and Capstone Project.

Eligibility: Candidates should understand how to learn FUNiX online, have a desire and willingness to join the IT industry, and commit to working at a sponsoring company. 

Application: Candidates express their personal aspirations and current work or study experience to apply.

Register at: https://forms.gle/dZHmvZXpPsdva5HQ8





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