Enouvo attended Google I/O Extended Mien Trung 2019

Google I/O Extended MienTrung 2019, which took place on June 15th at Grand Mercure Hotel successfully closed with the participation of nearly 1000 developers, IT students, young technology lovers, and start-up groups. Enouvo IT Solutions is proud to be one of the crowd-funded sponsors and exhibitors for this event.

Enouvo IT Solutions is a crowded-funding sponsor of Google I/O Extended Mientrung 2019

Like a panoramic technology picture painted by sharing of 23 famous speakers from Vietnam, USA and Singapore about technology and tech start-ups, Google I/O Extended MienTrung gave the tech community in the Central an opportunity to update the latest technologies from Google through topics about artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, Internet of things, Google Cloud, Android, Firebase, and Flutter.

Along with workshops, connection programs, Google I/O Extended MienTrung 2019 also attracted more than 30 tech companies to exhibit their start-up products, technology applications, recruitment information as well as community activities.

This year, Enouvo brought to this event a game app Enovents – a quick turnaround project in 3 weeks by our young talented developers. The app made the air at Enouvo’s booth more exciting and joyful with small gifts.

A products of talent Enouvo’s developers

Google I/O Extended MienTrung has become an exciting tech event for the past few years, creating a shared community and learning environment to the tech community in the Central Region.

Enouvo Staff at Google I/O Extended

Once again, we would like to say thanks to GDG MienTrung for organizing a helpful event like this and all of you who had a good time and enjoyed your visit to our booth. In case you missed some information about us on that day, please feel free to contact us anytime through our website or Enouvo IT Solutions Fanpage.





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