English Speaking Club at Enouvo

Essential English for Information Technology

enouvo has plan to improve English skills for members

Knowledge of English will give you much more opportunities, especially in IT field. Let us look at a few very practical situations:

You need to know English to communicate with a large number of clients in certain countries. As English is the most popular language which is known worldwide.

You need to know English better and try to think in English, especially when programming since the keywords we use are, for almost all languages, in English.

You need to know English to pursue some types of training and access to the latest technology. Since most of the resources such as documentation, reference material, video tutorials, books are in English.

The list can go on.

The major challenge for English education in Vietnam

Enouvo has plan to improve English Skills for employees

Many Vietnamese students face the common problem that although they spent six or seven years studying English at school, they can’t pronounce an English sentence correctly, and they are not confident enough to communicate in the language.

It’s no secret that Vietnamese students struggle with English. Like many other Asian countries, Vietnamese people begin their English education very early at school, yet they find themselves helpless when it comes to speaking English. Words do not come out. Many Vietnamese students do have the words, they either heard them or read them but they can’t say them.

Intel Company also struggled to recruit engineers for its manufacturing facility in Ho Chi Minh City is a typical example. When the Company conducted a contest for 2000 IT students in Vietnam, there were only 90 qualified candidates. It means that only 5% of the candidates were qualified. And in this group, only 40 candidates have qualified the English language to be able to use. Intel Company recorded that this is the worst results in comparison with other countries where they invested in.

How Enouvo overcome this problem – English Speaking Club

English Speaking Club at Enouvo

Understand the role of English, at ENOUVO, we have an English Club and English training plan for all members, which helps them to improve English skills. The aims of Enouvo English Speaking Club are to create space where all Enouvo’s members can practice English together as well as raise your confidence for public speaking.

We host topics related to personal development for our people to share their experiences and knowledge, as well as improve their presentation skills. Also, we created a group chat and a place for English only to help them apply English more natural and fluent.

Do you want to upgrade your IT skills and improve your English in the meantime? Let’s join Enouvo!





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