Enouvo Training: How to give a professional presentation?

Presentation is one of the indispensable skills for any software engineer. As a programmer, we often need to talk with other members of the team, stand up in front of a group or explain the ideal about a project. However, we see that our members still feel a bit nerve-racking or embarrassing when giving a presentation. Understand the importance of this skill in the workplace, we support our members by offering the opportunities to get the training courses that develop their own presentations and help them take their presentation skills to the next level.

Enouvers with the training course "Professional Presentation Competences" from JBMC

Enouvers with the training course “Professional Presentation Competences” from JBMC

On 24th March, we held an internal training workshop that equipped with skills how to give a professional technical presentation. Bring back sessions from the training course: “Professional Presentation Competences” of  JBMC,  the training covers everything we need to know in order to make professional and impactful presentations. Mr. Hieu and Mr. Nguyen – the CTO & Project Manager who have already been trained from learning course let us understand the aspects of a presentation such as: analyzing audiences, organizing information, using body language effectively or incorporating stories.

Mr. Nguyen & Mr. Hieu lead the session

The training workshop includes hands-on exercises and practical activities that help us easier to visualize and practice some techniques for controlling material as well as making an impact and engaging audience.
It also taught us to be more comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic in front of team or clients. We’ve learned how to ease the nerves, modulate the voice, and capitalize on the moments we want people to remember.

Group activities

“I found the training was very insightful and that it will help improve my future technical presentations”.  People said.
We hope that all members would find it even more interesting and understand how to apply it, especially in any technical talks in the company. Now, we can expect a next hands-on presentation where our programmers learn by doing throughout the sessions.





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