DSC – A Football Friendship Cup for Software Companies in Danang

DSC – A Football Friendship Cup for Software Companies in Danang

Being an IT-related professional doesn’t mean we have to sit at our desk and staring at our screen the whole day! Sport always bring people closer. All Enouvers had come together to support our soccer team in their tournament. Such a great experience to see how much Vietnamese love soccer and how much team spirit can bring joy to your life.

DSC Championship is a football tournament for all Danang software companies. The audiences were impressed by the talent and effort of footballers. It’s the first time Enouvo took part in a competition like this, so we had experienced a range of different emotions such as worry, nervousness but eager and really delighted.

Everyone stayed together, supported each other to have the best spirit for all matches. All of us were so proud when we are wearing our uniform with the word “ENOUVO” and determined to compete. Football can be more than just a game, and that is a beautiful thing. Great thanks to our players and awesome fans who have contributed to this happy atmosphere and memorable season. Now, let’s look back at exciting moments.

It was a pity that we were not able to become the winner. However, Enouvo team would keep on our effort, energy, solidarity, and determination for the next matches.





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