Danang International Marathon 2017

Enouvo Runners in Danang International Marathon 2017

Danang International Marathon is the first professional Marathon in Vietnam certified by IAAF – AIMS (International Association of Athletics Federations and Association of International Marathons and Distance Races).

Enouvers already had fun and memorial day activities with Danang International Marathon. When life is growing with more and more pressure, health becomes one of the most critical concerns. And joining many sporty competitions like that is really a great way to light up a flame of enthusiasm and spread the spirit of a healthy lifestyle.

Enouvers took part in this race with 2 stages: 5km and 10 km. 5km section is suitable for anyone who wants to get into running and do the good thing. 10 km section appropriate to runners who feel that it’s time to step up and bring their recreational running to a higher level.

The run route will bring us the experience of the beautiful coastline, the mountain surrounded. The city is renowned for pristine beautiful beaches with white sand, crystal-clear blue water. The sights and sounds around us, breathing in the fresh air as people take each stride on the run. This will certainly be the most memorable leg of our race.

Despite the super hot weather, Enouvers together with other runners had tried to finish the marathon long run. And the enthusiastic support of Enouvo’s cute girls definitely gave a lot of power as well inspire our runners to finish the race!

We would like to say “Thanks” to Manulife who made this event the greatest. It is your considerate preparation that helps us get the strong motivation to finish the milestone. We really had a meaningful and memorable time with Danang Marathon 2017.





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