ENOUVO is a GROUP of INNOVATORS who desire to improve the quality of life through Technology and Continuous Innovation. We provide the complete solution in Tech Product Design and Development to help your brand deliver competitive advantages in the market.

After 10 years of development, ENOUVO has expanded in its expertise in many fields, including: Software Development, Tech Product Design & Development, Digital Strategy & Branding and Coworking Space & Cafe.

Our organization’s purpose is to awaken the power of Vietnamese young talents. To make it happen, our objective is to create the most creative, productive but also flexible and comfortable working environment in Vietnam, where all ENOUVERS can contribute the best, be inspired, get motivation and creativity in every work we do.



To become a unique & impactful ALL-IN-ONE Hub for Tech Product Development and Consulting in Vietnam.


Together we MAKE A DIFFERENCE with useful and impactful technology solutions on an international scale and enable Enouvers to become GLOBAL CITIZENS one day.


Trang Tran

CEO & Co-Founder

Nguyen Pham

CIO & Co-Founder

Trang Nguyen

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Trinh Nguyen

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Tuyen Vo

Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Dung Nguyen

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Dung Le

Account Manager & BA Manager

Mai Phan

T&D Manager & Blockchain Engineering Manager

Vinh Nguyen

Mobile Engineering Manager

Hy Dang

DevOps Engineering Manager

Nhan Ly

Web Engineering Manager

Hung Nguyen

Quality Assurance Engineering Manager

Van Nguyen

Sales Manager

Suong Ho

Community & Partnership Manager

Yen Vo

HRBP Manager

Ha Nguyen

Space Manager

Sao Nguyen

Principal Designer

Tai Dinh

Backend – Technical Leader

Son Tran

Frontend – Technical Leader

Huan Van

Frontend – Team Leader

Danh Doan

Artificial Intelligence – Leader

Duy Pham

Mobile Flutter – Team Leader

Suu Pham

Mobile React Native – Team Leader

Nam Nguyen

Web Developer – Team Leader

Hieu Tran

Quality Assurance – Technical Leader

Hau Tran

Graphic Designer – Team Leader

Nhung Phan

UI/UX Designer – Team Leader

Tu Cao

Enouvo Space – Operation Leader

Nhi Truong

Talent Acquisition – Leader

Tram Nguyen

Project Manager

Chau Le

Project Manager

Linh Tran

Project Manager

Thuy Hoang

Project Manager