“Comfort As Home” App Ver. 20

“Comfort As Home” App – Find Free Toilet in Danang Ver2.0

Comfort As Home (CAH)  is the app to help the users to find free public toilets in Danang City, Viet Nam. Enouvo has developed this app for the reason helping tourists and locals that in need of finding way to “heaven”, subsequently showing the welcoming and friendly spirit of Danangese.

Since its first launch in April 2016, based on your feedback, we have continuously added functionalities. On 28/10/2017, we were excited to release a new version 2.0 of new feature updates that will make it easier and more efficient for use.

Mr. Pham Si Nguyen – the CTO of Enouvo did a presentation to introduce the mobile app “Comfort As Home – Find Free Toilets” to attendees at the event.

What’s new in this version?

– Show directions within the map
– Support multiple languages including English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
– Add user review feedbacks for each Comfort As Home location
– Enhance overall user interface
– Business registration guideline

Currently, in the Danang main streets, there are more than 100 locations that mutually provide their toilet of to the public. (by sticking the Logo of the project Comfort as Home on their front wall). In addition to the municipal Wi-Fi system that covering wide residential areas in the city, visitors can quickly and easily access to the app “Comfort as home” and find the nearest free restrooms. Visitors simple have a smartphone with IOS or Android OS is able to install this free app.

Logo CAH on the coffee’s front wall

Its practical sense, consequently, the project has been multiplied to the public business units in the different fields such as: tourism, trade, services such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, galleries… And, with that, the Comfort As Home app has always been updated and continuously improved to better server for use.

Enouvo is proud to develop “Comfort as Home” on mobile apps that make a little contribution to the community, making Danang more civilized and worth-living.

The Danang Department of Tourism with Hai Chau Business Association

Download and try Comfort As Home App
• iOS: https://goo.gl/c5Rx3t
• Android: https://goo.gl/nEaz6s
Please help me know if you have any feedback or inconvenience of the app during your time using the app. It is greatly appreciated.




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