Be a software developer, do not miss these skills

If you are a computer science student or doing a course to become a software engineer or a software developer, there are some technical skills you need to have to become a good programmer. In this article, we will discuss some important technical skills you should have as a developer or if you are planning to become a good developer.

1.Cloud Computing Skills

Learning Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure will take you one step ahead of your competitors not only in your current job but also in the next post.

2.Data Structure and Algorithms

If you want to become a programmer, then you ought to know Data Structure and Algorithms well.
If you are a self-taught programmer, then also you must know Data structure and algorithm; in fact, many programming Bootcamp will teach you Data Structure and algorithm as the first thing.

3.Git and Github

Source control is used to store code, and if you want to become a coder or software developer, you must know version control tools like Git and SVN. Thankfully Git and Github have streamlined the market, and now more than 70% organizations use Git hence you can get away by just learning Git.

4.Containers (Dockers and Kubernetes)

With the help of Docker, you can quickly deploy your application with all of its dependency in one shot, it also provides you process isolation. Similarly, Kubernetes, which is a container orchestration tool, takes it to the next level and can managẻ containers for you.


There is a single day when I have not used a text editor while working as programmers.

6.IDEs (VScode or IntelliJIDEA)

The modern IDES like Eclipse or Visual Studio Code is the most critical tool for any programmers, the choice is clear, the Visual Studio and for Python developers, Jupiter Notebook is getting better and better every day.

7.Database and SQL

There are many databases, like Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc. but knowing just one is enough. The critical point is that you should be familar with the database. You should know how to insert/update/delete data and write SQL queries to retrieve it.

8.Linux (UNIX)

Since most of the time, programmers have to work in the UNIX machine, like Linux servers, good knowledge of the Linx command line goes a long way.

9.Object-Oriented Programming

As a programmer, you must know a programming language like C++ or Java or maybe Python or JavaScript. You can choose whatever you want to, but my personal suggestion is that you should at least know Java.

10.Computer Network

You must understand the networking basics to understand, develop and support your application.


Why you should learn a scripting language? Can the same programming language which is suitatble for both OOP coding and scripting like Python. That’s the reason why you need to learn at least one. But if you happen to learn C/C++ or Java, then you can’t whip out something as quickly as Python or Perl developers can do





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