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In 2009, Tran Hanh Trang completed a double bachelor’s degree in Computing and Finance at Monash University. During her school time, she had opportunities to work as a freelance in some website development projects, which brought her to passion for tech.

Trang and her husband, Pham Si Nguyen both have a passion for contributing to the growth of our hometown and country as well as the knowledge and experiences gained after long-term training in the developing environment. Therefore, they decided to leave Australia and to come back and establish a Technology company in Da Nang. In the beginning, there were only a few people. After 8 years of establishment, Enouvo IT Solutions now has up to 50 talents, trusted by local and foreign authorities to partner and develop technology applications.

Essential solutions

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Enouvo IT Solutions (EIS) started as a group of three friends who have a common interest in IT development. After a few years, Enouvo IT Solutions quickly developed with a vision to create useful and purposeful solutions which help to increase the quality of life. Until now, Enouvo has come an IT company in Vietnam providing IT consulting and software development services to international clients (Australia, Canada, USA, Singapore, France…), which allow digital transformation in business based on web or mobile app platform.

In 2017, EIS released the app Comfort as a home, which helps users to find a free toilet in Da Nang city easily. After implementing in Hai Chau District, this app received many good feedbacks.

These days, Trang and her staff are busy finishing the mobile app called Kuuho, which was soon launched in Son Tra District. KuuHo is a mobile app to find helpers in urgent cases as well as report problems in the city. When in need of help, you simply tap the appropriate icon on the app screen to notify your community. The app serves the community and each individual using smartphones, and toward the model of a smart city. The Department of Information and Communication of Da Nang highly appreciated the app’s effects and Enouvo’s effort. It’ll soon connect to the free hotline 1022 of Da Nang city.

Developing the co-working space

Having a big love for Da Nang, Trang always wants to come back to her hometown to contribute to its development. In 2015, Trang and her husband left Melbourne and continued developing their career path in Da Nang city.

Da Nang provides a better balance between work and life, with the beach and the mountains nearby. But there are not enough places where people can be part of a community and experience real synergy. That’s the reason why Trang wants to develop the model of co-working space in this city. In 2017, Enouvo Space was born, which has become a familiar destination for freelancers, digital nomads, and ex-pats when coming to Da Nang. After two years, Enouvo Space 2 was launched and became the first co-working and co-living eco-system in this central city.

“Enouvo Space offers daily or monthly co-working space, studios, and co-living space. It’s the place to work but also to connect and share ideas. With Enouvo Space, we hope to promote, introduce not only Da Nang but also Vietnam to the world as an ideal destination for startups and businesses. By creating an ideal business environment, we can attract talents to return to Da Nang and Vietnam. It is necessary to create a new ecosystem, an ideal environment, and provide optimized support for them to connect, work together, and create outstanding products.” – Trang shared. 

Supports for Vietnamese startups

As a start-up, EIS clearly knows the difficulties when starting a business. They not only offer start-ups or small businesses a working space full of services but also support in solving problems relating to IT. 

The Books is a management software EIS created for a new private library in Danang. It is a modern, modular library management system that supports the workflows of library staff for both web-based management and mobile application. 

“This is the best IT company I’ve ever worked with. Young, energetic, enthusiastic. You’ve turned The Books project into your own project, exploring solutions for The Books like that is your own project. I’m glad to work with Enouvo!” – Nguyen Thai Nhat Nguyen – Founder of The Books Library & Coffee shared. 

An international partner

Until now, Enouvo IT Solutions has launched many projects of international partners from Australia, the USA, UK, Singapore, and so on. In which, My accountant is a mobile tax app, complying with the Australia Tax Office obligation. Reebonz is a trusted online platform for buying and selling the widest range of luxury products across the world. Personnel IT, Cloud loT were used in the USA.

By cooperating and creating useful and purposeful solutions for international partners, EIS hopes to contribute to increasing the quality of life.

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