Agile and Scrum Training Workshop

The success of Agile depends on solid team and every team member needs to be well versed with its concepts and tools. That’s why last week we organized a one-day Agile and Scrum Training with full team participation. This interactive session was designed to give a deeper understanding of Agile way-of-working. That was indeed an insightful experience for all Enouvers improving knowledge in aspects of agile software development or agile project management. 

Our trainers used a mixture of exercises, videos, and presentations to deliver training. Some lessons of our in-house workshop include:

  • Understand the foundations of Agile and Scrum.
  1. What is the basis for Agile? What is the difference between Agile and traditional approaches like waterfall?
  2. What project characteristics situations make it difficult for Agile to be successful?
  • Creating and Managing the Product Backlog
  1. Organize and prioritize team’s work. How to know know the complete list of items that need to be done?
  2. What are the processes to use for prioritizing the work? 
  • Estimating and Prioritizing Product Backlog Items
  1. Build a product backlog and learn how to manage it.
  2. What goes on the backlog? Who decides on the backlog priority?
  3. Why is relative estimation important? 
  • The “Definition of Done” and Why It’s Important
  1. Why is the concept of “done” important and how is it different from traditional software development?
  2. What are the consequences of a weak definition of done?
  • Agile Group Dynamics
  1. Build a great working team. What is different about working in an Agile team from a traditional environment? How to form good working agreements? 
  2. How can work with someone who doesn’t believe that Agile is a good approach?

This training course was valuable for all agile team members: project managers, business analysts, Product Owners, Scrum Masters or designers, testers, developers and architects – anyone who is involved in agile projects.

We do believe that our members would find it even more interesting and understand how to implement it. At Enouvo, we always offer our members the option of taking technology courses and training that help to master the development process. And we all share one thing in common – the ability to energize and delivery teams with new ideas and techniques that can be directly applied to our work environment.





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